House details and information


The main house has 6 bedrooms. On the third floor, two dormered bedrooms each have a double bed and share a cute dormered adjoining bath with a shower. One of these bedrooms does have some available floor space for sleeping bags or an air mattress. On the second floor, west wing, there is a bedroom with a queen bed and a bedroom with a queen bed and a twin bed, a second floor deck with great views, a sitting room area and a bath with a large shower.  On the second floor, east wing, there is a bedroom with a double bed and twin bed, a little bedroom with a twin bed, and a half bath. The first floor has a kitchen, dining room (we actually have two adjoining dining room areas to accommodate large groups), living room, parlor with 4 person sauna and a full bath with a tub/shower. It also has the entry room and laundry room with a washer and dryer. In the carriage house, there are two bedrooms with bunk systems that include a double bed on the bottom and a twin bed on top. Each of these rooms has a private bath with a shower. **If you choose to add the 9th or 10th bedrooms, they are also in the carriage house, back/pool facing side and have the same layout as the first two with a small private bathroom. All carriage house rooms have their own private entrance. The fitness room is on the second floor of the carriage house and has a stretching/yoga area, an elliptical and resistance equipment.  We do have extra chairs in the laundry room if needed, but please return them (and any other furniture that you have moved) prior to checkout.  (**recently, we made the two additional (9th and 10th bedroom), identical rooms available at an extra cost in the carriage house, for a total of 4 carriage house rooms, or 10 bedrooms total. The standard rental comes with 8 bedrooms total)


Details for tenants (check in/out, disclosures, charges)

Check in is any time after 4:30pm on the first day, and checkout is any time before 10am on the last day. PLEASE DO NOT BE EARLY, EVEN A BY 15 MINUTES! The house takes a full six and a half hours to turn over, so if there are tenants before or after you, our cleaners need every minute to prepare the house (they are very uncomfortable when guests are waiting while they are still working). Occassionally, a group may leave an excessive mess that requires slightly more time. If this happens, the cleaners will prepare the inside of the house first and allow you to check in while they finish tidying up other areas.   A week or so before your arrival, please be sure to confirm with us your arrival time so that we can arrange to have the house open for you.  A friendly caretaker lives on the grounds (part of the carriage house) and will be available to give you the keys, or arrange to leave the keys where you can find them. If you have any questions or concerns, let the caretakers know. The caretakers will maintain the pool and grounds and bring the garbage out to the street.


     We do not include paper, plastic and cleaning supplies, although, that being said, we do generally give you some starter supplies such as a roll of toilet paper for each bath and dish soap for your convenience (kindly replace if you use up). Some cabinets have owner’s personal supplies, these will be labeled or locked (or tied shut) and we ask that they are left undisturbed. The kitchen is equipped with cookware, flatware, pots and pans, plates, cups and mugs, blender, toaster oven and coffee maker.  We provide a set of linens for each bed (they will be made up when you arrive) and a bath towel for each bed as well. If you feel that you will need more, please bring them along.  There are two dining rooms, side by side, separated by a doorway. We did this to accommodate large group dining. Each table seats  8 at the table (10 to 12 if you fit tight)  The adjoining kitchen has a countertop with stools that seats up to 4.


Garbage night is Sunday night. Please bring your house garbage out to the large cans at that time. If that varies, we will let you know. We will remove garbage up to 150 pounds or three large, 60 gallon cans (which hold about six large kitchen garbage bags each) and one large 50 gallon recycle can. EXCESSIVE GARBAGE will bring an extra charge because our garbage service will not take more than that in a given week and it would require having a private service come to collect it. They charge a minimum of $50 to remove any amount of garbage. If you have excessive garbage, that fee will be taken from your security. We do recommend composting organic garbage to keep this amount down. Across the lawn from the kitchen door is a high grassy area under the trees where we dump compost. If you are having a big event and will need excessive garbage hauled, it is good to arrange this in advanced with us.


For tenants from May-November,   Do not turn the heater off on the hot tub, as it will take at least a day to bring it back up to full heat.  You can turn the jets on and off as needed, or if it is too warm, turn it down just a little.To turn the sauna on, first press the switch to light the control panel, then set the temperature, the time and press start. It takes about 20-25 minutes to get to full heat, depending upon the room temperature.    Area information is left in the dining room for your perusal and there is a password for the wi-fi on the bottom of the router (which is in the entryway, near the laundryroom). The Main house has a TV  in the livingroom with a VCR/DVD player and has basic cable. The gym room is in the second floor of the carriage house. You can enter from the side door, on the way to the pool and go right up the stairs. The door knob sticks a little, but it is not locked, so just turn it past the stick.  The house is surrounded by beautiful farm lands where they grow corn, wheat and sunflowers (our favorite fields). There will occassionally be the sights, sounds and smells of farming in the area. The road is safe for walking and mountain biking. As you go along the road you will pass farm fields, horses grazing and some lovely views.


Pets-We allow a dog for a one time pet fee ($140), but please ask first as we need to go over details about the pet.  Pet messes could incur additional cleaning fees (hair all over, accidents, chew ups, etc). There are absolutely no pets allowed at the pool area. Pet claws are the leading cause of pool lining tears, which cost thousands of dollars to replace. Dogs are welcome to swim in the pond. If your pet likes to sit on furniture, please bring along linens to cover the furniture that they will be sitting on. 


You may pay a cleaning fee of $150 (excessive messes may have an additional charge) or have no cleaning fee if you leave the house in a broom swept condition, described as: When you leave, the dishes and kitchen items and  should be washed and returned to their places (not left in the dishwasher), countertops/tables and refrigerators cleaned, carpets vacuumed if needed and house left in a broom swept condition (we will do the fine cleaning and wash linens). Please return any furniture to its original place and bring garbage out to the large garbage cans under the carport. (NOTE, if furniture, outdoor or indoor is moved around and not returned to its original place, the cleaning service will charge extra as they are not movers. This will be charged to the tenant, so please return furniture to where it originally was!) Soiled towels can be thrown in the laundryroom (on the floor is fine) and beds that were slept in should be stripped with the soiled linens placed on top of the bed. please do not make beds that were slept in (by request of the cleaning service-it is harder for them to strip the beds then).


  If an event is taking place during the rental, such as a wedding, that involves outside people not staying at the house coming, or tents being set up on the grounds, etc, there will be an event fee of $600 (events up to 60 people, ask if there are more guests) . This fee reflects mostly just a septic pumping/wear and tear on the place,and well water boost,  although events that have more than 25 people should also provide appropriate port-a-jons.  If excessive garbage is needed to be removed, that will also be charged to the tenants (starting at $60 for the waste removal guy, large loads will be more). Events will require an additional $1000 security deposit and we ask that loud noise, such as amplified music and roaring voices be stopped by 9pm on week nights and 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights to comply with area noise ordinances. There has never been a complaint, but we try to respect neighboring properties.


The rental covers up to 18 people (the original 8 bedroom rental). If you rent the additional two carriage house rooms, it can be up to 24 people. Additional persons will require a  fee/per day/per person to cover wear and tear and septic use (we always have it pumped after a certain amount of guests). Ask if this comes up!


Thankfully, I don't think that any of our guests to date have needed medical attention, however, just in case, our local hospital is about 20 minutes away (Cayuga Medical Center 607-274-4411). It has an easy access convenient care center this side of the Lake (maybe a couple of minutes closer, and usually less crowded for less serious issues) 607-274-4158. If you have a serious emergency, do call 911 of course. We have many wonderful chiropractors and more right in town if needed as well!



As our house rents very far in advanced (many folks a year in advanced), we require a six month cancel notice for a refund (minus a $100 rebook fee). Notice of less than six months will receive refunds (less the rebook fee) only if we re-rent the dates at the same rate (which actually usually happens with at least decent notice). Owners are not responsible for weather and other environmental factors that they cannot control.



We ask that you DO NOT park on the grass. It can tear the lawn up and last year someone damaged a water pipe that runs across the yard, which was a very expensive repair. The driveway becomes double width from the carport to the carriage house, so cars can park along it without blocking passage. Right after the carriage house, it becomes double width again for the same reason. The caretaker has their own parking cubby in the trees by the far driveway entrance. There is also a little circle pull off, just past the carport that can accommodate about three cars. About 12  cars can fit total, a bit more if you don't mind parking people in and doing valet style. Additional cars can be put on the street (for events and such).


  Enjoy your stay!!!